Get real-time feedback in a convenient, unobtrusive way.

Real-time polls

To collect or create a continuous feedback culture, Fortay enables you to collect anonymous real-time feedback on any topic for any subgroup in your company at any time. If you're stuck on what to ask, we have you covered with our question library.

Question 1

What would you like to do for our company celebration?

  • Dinner and night out
  • Picnic and outdoor sport
  • I would prefer a bonus
  • I'm open to anything
  • Rock climbing
  • Spa day
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Slack Integration

Use Slack? Awesome. Fortay sends all team-related communications through Slack to keep it in their workflow. Easy peasy! Slack app directory

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Actionable insights

Discover cultural insights, engagement levels and real-time poll results across specific departments or the company as a whole, and compare with previous results.

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Custom questions

We understand that every organization is unique so we allow you to create custom questions for the cultural assessment candidates and real-time polls.

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Give your employees a voice

By inviting your team to the cultural assessment you’re implicitly providing them a voice in the hiring process. Your employees will appreciate they got to help choose their future co-workers!

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Faster, cheaper, better

Improve hiring efficiency by up to 75%! Make better, smarter and faster hiring decisions by filtering candidates using data science to optimize your hiring decisions.

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