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A predictive culture screening & analytics platform for scaling your company culture.

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Fortay’s cultural assessment tool

Improve the quality of your candidate pipeline in only 5 minutes! Fortay focuses on what actually matters to your company culture – values and beliefs alignment – not personality.

"Fortay's cultural matching system has proven accurate, reliable and helps us hire for our core values."

- Steve Pereira
CTO, Statflo

Discover valuable insights

Your team completes the cultural assessment so Fortay can create an internal cultural baseline unique to your company culture. You will learn what's important to your best employees and the cultural signals to assess candidates against.

Cultural alignment scores

Fortay provides cultural alignment scores for your candidates based on your company's culture or the distinct cultural profile of a specific department or location. You can scale or evolve your company or departmental culture based on your company's strategic direction!

Find more people like your best

Your culture is defined by your best people. Simply pick the people that manifest the values and beliefs of your company culture and Fortay takes care of the rest!

Objective hiring decisions

With Fortay you can objectively understand how a candidate may fit into your team, removing subjective bias. Be confident that your candidate will improve and reinforce your company’s culture.

Slack integration

Use Slack? Awesome. Fortay sends all team-related communications through Slack to keep it in their workflow. Easy peasy! Slack app directory

Hired all the right people? Great! Here’s how to keep them engaged.

Real-time polls

Get real-time feedback in a convenient, unobtrusive way. Fortay enables you to collect anonymous real-time feedback on any topic for any subgroup in your company at any time. If you're stuck on what to ask, we have you covered with our question library.

Companies with engaged employees out-perform up to 202% better

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