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Objective hiring

Build confidence in your hiring process. Make better, unbiased objective hiring decisions, and avoid bad hires (you can't train for culture fit).

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Cultural insights

Help your client learn what's truly important, scale and nurture the company's culture by determining their unique cultural 'DNA' signature.

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Measure engagement

Discover where they're succeeding and where they're not. Measure employee engagement levels and satisfaction across the company down to a team level.

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Increase revenue

Increase revenue and strengthen your competitive advantage by providing highly culturally aligned candidates to your clients.

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Earn sales commission

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Tools for growing your team and scaling your organizational culture.
Cultural assessment
Your team completes the cultural assessment so Fortay can create an internal cultural baseline unique to your company culture. You will learn what's important to your best employees and the cultural signals to assess candidates against.

Real-time polls

Get real-time feedback in a convenient, unobtrusive way. Fortay enables you to collect anonymous real-time feedback on any topic for any subgroup in your company at any time. If you're stuck on what to ask, we have you covered with our question library.

Companies with engaged employees out-perform up to 202% better

Fortay has revolutionized the traditional hiring process.

Use a culture-first approach to dramatically increase the quality and efficiency of your candidate pipeline. Fortay uses a 5-minute value and belief-based assessment to determine alignment with your company's unique culture.

"I was very impressed with Fortay's cultural assessment tool and its ability to rank potential candidates against our own unique cultural benchmark."

- Nael El Shawwa
VP of Engineering, Flashstock

Nearly 50% of new hires fail within 18 months
Issues with the traditional hiring process
  • Candidate is subjected to interviewer bias
  • Costly in terms of time and resources
  • Frustrated candidates abandon the process
  • Opportunity costs as good candidates are recruited by other companies
Benefits of using Fortay
  • Fortay provides an objective data-driven cultural alignment score
  • Valuable resources and time are focused on an improved candidate pipeline
  • Drastically speed up your time to hire, giving your company a competitive advantage
  • Candidates appreciate a timely culture-first approach
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