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Help your leaders discover what inclusive behaviors to strengthen, their leadership gaps, and create a development path to elevate team culture and performance.

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Develop Inclusive Leaders With Confidence

Inclusive Leadership™ is a multi-use assessment, performance, and development tool to help leaders identify and measure their inclusive leadership ability for better team performance and a culture of high belonging.

What is Inclusive Leadership?

Leaders who effectively lead a diverse team inclusively by actively addressing biases...

Leaders who effectively lead a diverse team inclusively by actively addressing biases, discrimination, and inequities - and cultivating a psychologically safe work environment for all employees to feel valued, respected, and able to deliver their peak performance.

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Our leadership approach directly impacts employee experiences of inclusion and belonging. Engagement, problem-solving, collaboration, employee retention, and innovation are affected by inclusivity at work.

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Building Inclusive Leaders for Impact

With business leaders investing and prioritizing DEIB more intentionally, inclusive leadership is more relevant now than ever. You can have stellar diversity metrics, but if you don't have an inclusive work environment where everyone can bring their best selves, your DEIB efforts won't succeed.
To achieve and scale team success, leading inclusively is paramount!

What do our DEIB changemakers say?

Inclusive Leadership & Team Performance

Teams with inclusive leaders lead to:

Individual feelings
of inclusion see a 70% increase in experiences of fairness, respect, value, and belonging; psychological safety; and inspiration

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17% increase in team performance

20% increase in decision-making quality

29% increase in team collaboration

Where are your leaders on their inclusive leader journey?

Great question, right! The research indicates we are not great at judging how inclusive we are. Deloitte's study found that 65% of leaders either overestimated or underestimated their inclusive behaviors. More importantly, research has demonstrated that there is a strong correlation between inclusiveness and leadership effectiveness.

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Driving Accountability for Inclusivity

Fortay's Inclusive Leadership™ can be leveraged in the following ways:

  • in your hiring process as a self-assessment;
  • in your onboarding process as a self-assessment;
  • as a 360 assessment.
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The future is inclusive.
Ready to proactively hire and develop inclusive leaders?

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