Employee engagement

Build engaged, high-performance teams and retain your top talent

The cost of disengagement is enormous to your organization. By centering diversity, inclusion, and belonging, you increase engagement, and champion employee success resulting in a renowned employee experience that boosts overall performance.

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Build a Thriving People-First Company

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Engage Your People and Help Them Thrive with Fortay

$7 Trillion

In lost productivity due to disengagement


Of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work


Earnings per share growth for top-quartile engaged organizations over their competition

Source: Gallup

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What do our partners say?

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Powerful Insights. Huge ROI.

Bob Vaez,

CEO, Eventmobi

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Unlock People, Potential & Performance

Why Fortay is a better approach

Fortay's intuitive and advanced technology provides a powerful, holistic, people-first approach by infusing DEIB across the employee lifecycle, delivering accurate, real-time employee experience insights to improve business performance.

As people leaders and managers are accountable for the culture, they are empowered and activated with Fortay to take ownership for change, growth and employee, team and organizational success.

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DEIB means diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging

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Engaged employees are more likely to...

  1. Go the extra mile for their team and organization

  2. Stay longer at their company and improve retention

  3. Be high-performers and help achieve positive business results

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How Fortay improves employee engagement

We provide the right survey tools your teams need to get employee engagement, retention, and team performance right.

Build a Winning People Strategy

With the right data, you will build a results-driven strategy to improve your talent, culture, and performance goals for success.

  • Leverage impactful and science-backed templates and questions that matter most to employees and actually drive results
  • Get powerful insights fast to take appropriate action on key employee issues and hotspots
  • Make equitable data-informed people decisions with an intersectional lens
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Understand and improve profile of a candidate screen and focus areas

Empower and develop exceptional people leaders

We empower business leaders and managers to build an inclusive workplace where your people feel they belong and thrive.

  • Get personalized insights to identify key focus areas and close experience gaps with suggested actions
  • Develop effective, inclusive leaders and managers to improve team culture and performance
  • Build diverse, values-aligned teams for high engagement and productivity
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Simplify Data Collection & Analysis

Fortay makes it easy to measure and understand your people data quickly for impactful actions and improvement with powerful data analysis.

  • Understand the factors that are truly impacting engagement and performance through driver analysis
  • Simplify and automate employee feedback analysis – and allocate your organization’s energy to high-value activities
  • Link employee engagement factors to organizational culture health to quickly understand the business impact
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We can partner together in many ways

Culture Add Hiring

Build diverse values-aligned teams with a fair, data-driven approach for better team cohesion and greater belonging. Ready to build a more diverse workforce?

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Measure, understand, take action and improve on your organization’s DEIB efforts for lasting change.

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Inclusive Leadership

Nurture your leaders and managers in their inclusive leadership development journey early and continuously for impactful change.

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Full Team Success Platform

Drive individual, team and organizational success with a purpose-built platform that results in diverse high-performing cultures.

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