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Companies stress the importance of hiring for values alignment but find it incredibly difficult to do so fairly and accurately at scale.

Talent Acquisition teams level up with Culture Add Hiring™

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Build Diverse Teams
With Confidence

Culture Add Hiring™ is a patented pre-hire values assessment and inclusive hiring framework. Our solution brings your values to life in a fair, objective, and data-driven approach that drives diversity.

What Defines
Culture Add?

Culture Add is the likelihood someone will reflect the company's values…

Culture Add is the likelihood someone will reflect the company's values, mindsets, and behaviors, yet additive to their team and company culture for their unique identities, perspectives, and experiences.

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Objectively and instantly focus on candidates that are more likely to thrive in your workplace culture at scale.

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Hire better

Values Aligned Teams Perform Better

Empower your team and leaders with an inclusive technology and framework to assess candidates’ alignment to your culture, values and behaviors for better hiring results.

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Hire fairer

Reduce Bias and Provide Equal Opportunity

Level the playing field for every candidate while reducing bias. Objectively identify the candidates who will thrive in your workplace upfront and move from culture fit mentality to culture add mindset.

Hire faster

Automate and Engage with the Right Talent

Your recruiting team and managers will rapidly identify and prioritize the best candidates who connect with your company values and make data-driven hiring decisions.

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We believe organizational values alignment is critical and inextricably linked to engaged high-performing teams.

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How it Works

Leverage Fortay’s proprietary AI technology to evaluate candidates based on person-organizational values alignment to understand how well they’ll thrive in your culture.

Personalize your Assessment

With an assessment personalized to your company’s values, mindsets and behaviors you’ll hire the right candidate who will add to your culture.

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Create your Cultural Fingerprint™

After your employees take the survey, Fortay analyzes the data and establishes a predictive baseline - your Cultural Fingerprint™.

Efficiency at Scale

With an ATS integration, deliver a seamless experience to candidates. Automatically assess unlimited candidates across all roles.

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Shortlist Top Diverse Talent

Objectively assess person-organizational values alignment and shortlist great talent. Bias-resistant features include candidate masking, a grading system and ethical AI.

What Our Partners Experience

Using Culture Add Hiring as your initial screening tool and inclusive framework, organizations benefit

Efficiency Increase


Improvement in hiring efficiency between 50-100%

Team Diversity Increase


Improvement in gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic diversity

Hire Yield Increase


Improvement in ratio of candidates to hires

Greater Belonging


Candidates feel a greater sense of belonging

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Our Science

Fortay avoids the pitfalls and biases of personality assessments because they aren’t predictive of culture alignment, work against diversity goals and can potentially lead to toxic monocultures.

Fortay utilizes responses from your own employees as an evolving norm group. These responses in connection with Fortay’s patented advanced technologies form a unique and adaptive Cultural Fingerprint™ for your organization.

This approach improves diversity across all objective measures including gender, age, race and ethnicity, personality and more. Use Fortay to give all candidates equal opportunity to join your organization and make an impact.

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Fortay’s Candidate Assessment & Framework Help You:

Hiring quality icon

Improve the Quality of Hire

Reduce time icon

Reduce Time and Cost to Hire

Misaligned icon

Reduce Misaligned Hires

Team diversity icon

Improve Team Diversity

Candidate experience icon

Improve Candidate Experience

Cognitive biases icon

Reduce Cognitive Biases

Hiring efficiency icon

Improve Hiring Efficiency

Employer brand icon

Improve Employer Brand

Equitable hiring process icon

Create an Equitable Hiring Process

Shared values icon

Create Belonging through Shared Values

Leverage Fortay’s robust Culture Add Hiring product to automate shortlisting the best diverse candidates and improve your recruitment process.

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Who Benefits

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Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Recruiters and hiring managers have the confidence that every candidate is fairly evaluated for shared values while making the right hire efficiently.

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Candidates get a fun and interactive way to experience your values, beliefs, and mindsets. They no longer waste time in a hiring process where they ultimately won’t connect with your culture and feel they belong.

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All Leaders

People leaders experience greater diversity in hires, faster time to fill, faster onboarding, and greater team alignment and effectiveness.

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DEI Teams

DEI teams partner with all business leaders and managers to ensure an equitable and objective process that delivers team diversity and builds high-performing teams.

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Employees contribute to evaluating their future co-workers and are confident that team culture, performance, and effectiveness will remain high.

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All candidates get an equal opportunity where culture and values alignment are prioritized. Irrespective of the outcome, candidates will remember your company and share your brand.

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Deliver An Experience That Candidates Love

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"I absolutely LOVE this format of job application. I've never seen something like this and I truly admire the refreshing, self-reflective, and frankly just downright unique process this involved. Definitely the most fun I've ever had applying for a job. Keep up the great work! :)" – Sara F.

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“Well done on the concept and paying attention to one of the most important success factors in a company I believe - culture. Cheers" – Rob J.

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"Deploying Fortay to assess the corporate cultural inclinations of a candidate is really a great way to evaluate a candidate. Hiring a cultural [add] is integral for an organization and I think you’ve taken the right step in the right direction. Kudos!" - Rakesh S.

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"That was the absolute BEST survey I have ever completed for a company. Great job!" – Brenda M.

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"BlueCat looks to be the first company that I have seen that values cultural alignment. The culture a company has (and maintains) is so important for a truly successful company. I am very impressed by the effort you've taken to find people for your org that matches your values. Well done!" - Paul N.

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“This was the first time I've had to complete a cultural assessment as an applicant. I just had to say kudos on not only the questions asked but the fact that you do it in the first place. I obviously haven't encountered any other companies using this as a recruitment tool so as an HR person, not only was I impressed but it excites me even more to work for a company that would incorporate such a tool!" - Karman T.

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"This is a really neat idea for hiring. Its ingenuity makes me that much more interested. Well done." – Gillian K.

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"The Cultural Assessment is definitely one indispensable tool in your talent acquisition process. Not all organizations have this and I just wanted to extend my appreciation for DarkMatter's having adapted this in partnership with Fortay. Congratulations!!! Mabruk!!!" – Ari P.

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"Nice way to understand cultural alignment, assessment questions were simple and user-friendly." - Raj F.

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"Hi Fortay Team, Nice job for automating the cultural analysis part of hiring procedure, as it saves a lot of time for hiring managers and candidates and to fast up the procedures. Thanks.” - Nisar G.

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"Checking for cultural alignment at first stage,I simply love the idea. Eager to see what's in store in the next rounds of interview." - Venkat D.

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"I have done, a lot of assessments, in my life, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Thanks. " - Meet R.

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"One of the best survey's I've seen in a while, especially as part of the hiring process! Regardless of what happens, I'll be telling people about this!" - Lili J.

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Seamless integration

We Fit Into Your Existing Hiring Process

Our flexible technology makes it possible for you to seamlessly integrate assessments into your current systems and processes. We partner with a wide range of ATS and HRIS platforms to provide seamless integrations and streamlined workflows for your talent acquisition team and hiring managers.

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Transform The Way You Build Diverse Values Aligned Teams

Hire fairly, efficiently, and objectively for the best talent

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Calculate Your ROI

We believe technology should only be used if it demonstrates a clear ROI.

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