Our mission is to transform workplaces, building a healthier, more inclusive & equitable future of work for all.

Fortay partners with global people teams and business leaders to enable every person to thrive and deliver their best work through a truly people-first approach.

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Our Story

Leaders know that a diverse workforce and healthy culture are vital to organizational success, high performance, and employee retention. However, all indicators confirm that it is a complicated business challenge that requires a focused and intentional solution.

After experiencing the impact of toxic workplaces and ‘bro cultures’, founders Marlina Kinnersley and Bohdan Zabawskyj knew they had to improve how companies hired. Soon later, they realized the problem was deeper and systemic – the issue they needed to focus on was exclusion.

Fortay rapidly evolved into a platform with a new people-first approach where values alignment and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging) are the core focus because they are imperative.

Fortay’s products are purpose-built for people leaders by people leaders to drive culture health and team success for ultimate business impact.

We are committed to helping people-driven organizations create inclusive, healthy workplaces where everyone feels like they belong – collective belonging achieves results – we call it team success.

Our why

Every person should feel safe and fully accepted to be their best self at work and in life – no covering or minimizing. Unfortunately, as we know this isn’t the case for all. We have experienced unhealthy workplaces and ones where we thrived because the culture was healthy, inclusive, and a high level of belonging.

From early on, we decided to make diversity, inclusion, and belonging our north star as a company and product. We will be more successful for it!

People First. Transform.

What Drives Us

“At Fortay, our focus is to empower people leaders everywhere with the right data for team success – where every person can grow and truly thrive. We are their committed partner for team culture health and success.”

Marlina Kinnersley, Fortay Co-founder and CEO

Drive Culture Change. Grow.

We Live Our Values

We Win as One

Together we are stronger, better and win more often. Through collaboration we multiply our impact and success.

We Stay Curious

We embrace curiosity and try new things. We practice a growth mindset for improvement, resilience and innovation.

We Lift Others

We support and care for each other. When you feel safe and a sense of belonging, you can focus on achieving your full potential!

We Empower

We put our customers first by building impactful easy to use products for their success. We help them shine and drive impact.

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