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Team Success Canvas & Guide

Clearly Defined Team Behaviors and Norms are Critical for Team Success

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Organizational culture is how we work together in the workplace - guided by the company's values, behaviors, and norms. Culture impacts your employee experience and customer and business success.

But how do we establish successful team behaviors and norms? It starts with company core and team shared values - then we commit to living them daily based on agreed behaviors and norms.

What's the impact? The research supports values alignment being imperative for team cohesion and effectiveness, leading to greater performance and better business results - even more, important for diverse teams. Values misalignment creates tension and ineffectiveness - causing low performance, disengagement, and turnover.

Leverage our Team Success Canvas and Guide to facilitate a conversation on how you as a team want to work and need from each other. This exercise will provide clarity and accountability for an employee experience that your people will highly value, leading to increased team performance that exceeds business outcomes.

Level up your approach to team success!

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