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The Fortay Slack bot allows you to import your team to Fortay from Slack, and communicate with your team members through Slack rather than by email.

Fortay helps you hire faster, make great hiring decisions with data, and keep teams culturally aligned after they're hired.

  • discover key insights and measure your unique company culture
  • collect, share and take action on real-time team feedback
  • objectively screen for culture alignment that promotes diversity and focuses on the collective
  • identify 'flight risks' before they happen
  • increase hiring efficiency & quality for your leaders and managers while saving $$$$$ for your company

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You can import your team from Slack while getting started, and also switch all team communication to Slack under your Profile settings.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

Improve employee engagement and increase happiness by accurately measuring how they feel.

Is your team engaged?
Find out with Fortay's 5 minute assessment.

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Drastically reduce bad hires by automating culture fit


How does it work?

1) Your team completes the cultural assessment to create your company's unique cultural profile.

2) Candidates complete the same assessment & Fortay determines their relative culture fit.

Fortay helps you objectively determine who's a good fit

No biases, no bullshit. Just data.

Hiring is all about culture

Fortay provides an objective and ranked culture fit score for each candidate allowing you to accelerate & optimize the hiring process as well as rely less on your team's "gut-call".


Our customers love Fortay

George Eichholzer
VP Engineering, Top Hat

I absolutely loved the cultural assessment of my own employees as it told me a few things I had not even considered. It has an eerie ability ‎to take those normally intangible aspects of culture and transforming them into something useful and actionable. Right now, it is providing a valuable piece of objective data about the job candidate my team and I use to help make a decision on who we will offer a job. Since I've started using it, it helped with 3 hires and we are just getting started!

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